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                                    Dilcon Community School, Inc. - Home of the Eagles

                                       O F F I C E   O F   H U M A N   R E S O U R C E S


                               VACANCIES FOR SY 2014-2015

 -SCHOOL LIBRARIAN (Min. requirement: Bachelors degree in Education and an emphasis in Media Science and with updated certifications) 

Librarian will be responsible for all aspects of DILCON COMMUNITY SCHOOL, INC. and requires professional knowledge of the theories, principles, and techniques of librarianship to students ranging from ages 5 through 13 in grade levels kindergarten through eighth grade.

-BUSINESS TECHNICIAN (Min. requirement: AA degree in related field.) Experience: Two or more years of Fund Accounting and Sage MIP Accounting experience.

Business Technician will be assigned duties involving research and reviewing of vendor billing and accounts payables, prepares purchase orders and ensures efficient functioning of, and ensures that all equipment are properly tagged and inventoried.

-Temporary Bus Driver (Minimum requirement: High School diploma or GED Certificate, ability to lift seventy-five pounds, must be able to work flexible hours and on weekends, no DUI arrest or conviction within the past five years; no more than one DUI convictions in one's lifetime, must have valid Arizona State Driver License and required CDL must be maintained as a condition of employment; failure to do so will result in dismissal from employment, and Bus Driver Certification from the Student Transportation Unit, Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Temporary Bus Driver must operate a school bus with a rated capacity of 30-60 passengers transporting day student to school daily; classroom groups/clubs, field trips, extra curricular activities, sports program and their sponsors or coaches to and from designated areas, on or off the reservation in all types of weather conditions and various roads and traffic conditions. Operates motor vehicles such as sedans, station wagons, pick up trucks, vans, etc. performing trips such as picking up mail, supplies, laundry, transporting children to and from medical facilities, etc.

Performs operator maintenance checks before and after each trip. Performs other maintenance and repairs as necessary such as checking and replacing worn fan belts, changing and repairing flat tires, changing oil filters, cleaning and replacing air filters, etc.  Individual responsibility to keep all requirements current in order to comply with the requirements for maintaining a valid certification as follows:

a) Physical Examination (every two years)

b) Alcohol and Drug Test (once a year)

c) New Driver/Refresher Training (every two years)

d) First Aid Training (every 2-3 years); usually valid 2-3 years

e) CPR Training (every 1-2 years); usually valid 1-2 years

Performs other duties as assigned.


                                                            APPLICATION PROCESSING

  • Applications and information regarding job vacancies can be obtained:
  • In person at the Office of Human Resources, Dilcon Community School
  • By calling Human Resources at (928) 657-2327

>  Applications must be submitted:

  • In person at the Human Resources Office
  • By mail to Dilcon Community School, Human Resources Department, HC63 Box G, Winslow, AZ 86047
  • By e-mail or fax (928) 657-3213, the original application is to be mailed to Dilcon Community School.

>  Signature on Applications:

  • Your Original Signature is required on the Application and the Authorization for Release of Information page.
  • Unsigned applications are considered incomplete.
  • Dilcon Community School reserves the right to request an investigative report in order to verify information on your application and to obtain data regarding your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, or other relevant information. If an inquiry is made, more information as to the nature and scope of the inquiry will be supplied to you upon written request.
  • The Human Resources department can make copies for you for a copy fee of .25 cents each page.

>  Applying for a vacancy:

  • A separate application is required for each position for which you apply.
  • Only applications for current vacancies will be accepted.
  • Applications must be filled out completely, even if resume is attached.
  • Keep a record of the title and job vacancy of all positions for which you apply.
  • Once submitted, the application and attached documents become the property of Dilcon Community School.
  • Candidate(s) are to complete the Federal, Arizona State, and Navajo Nation background check, at their own expense, prior to employment, see Human Resource for application and fingerprinting.

>  Deadlines:

  • Employment Applications are available at DCS Human Resources and online at www.dilconeagles.com.
  • Employment Applications must be received in the Human Resources by 4:00 pm on the closing date.



  • Signed Application
  • Resumé: (Optional for Classified position IF employment history is on application)
  • Three Letters of Recommendations
  • Unofficial Academic Transcripts/Certifications/Licenses (Official transcript will be required upon hire)
  • MVD-39 Months Driving Record
  • Tribal Criminal/Traffic Background Check
  • State Fingerprint Clearance Card
  • Navajo Preference (CIB) /Veteran’s Preference (DD-214)



  • Health Insurance Package (Medical/Dental/Vision/Medicine Man/Wellness Program)
  • Life Insurance & Disability Plans
  • 401k Pension Plan
  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • Holiday Pay
  • Sign-On bonus for Highly Qualified Teacher. Call for additional information.
  • Personal/Jury Duty/Military/FMLA/Bereavement Leaves





  • On-campus housing is available.



Dilcon Community Schools, Inc
Ms. Verde Yazzie, HR Manager
HC63 Box G
Winslow, Arizona 86047
Phone: (928) 657-2311/2327
Fax: (928) 657-3213
Email: vyazzie@dilconeagles.com