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Welcome to Dilcon Community School

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Dilcon Community School, Inc. is located in a scenic volcanic butte area of the Navajo Reservation 40 miles north of Winslow, Arizona. The name "Dilcon" originated from a mountain ―"Tsejin Dilkon," meaning Smooth Mountain. The area is a high desert plateau at an elevation of 6,600 ft. The San Francisco Peaks can be seen about 90 miles to the west and are especially beautiful in winter with the snow cap crowning 10,000 feet peaks. 

In the 1950's, Dilcon School opened as a trailer school located about two miles from the present site. In 1962, the original permanent buildings were built and the School expanded from one to seven classrooms. In 1967, a second expansion project added twenty-six more classrooms and several other facilities. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2003 Dilcon School had suffered some irreparable weather damage and had to be condemned for demolition. Dilcon 
Community School, Inc. was given the go ahead by BIA for new construction. In March 2008 construction began and was completed in July 2009. Our new school was dedicated on July 29, 2009. The state of the art building consists of a new gym, 16 classrooms, library, science lab, computer lab, common lunch  area, food service area, music room and a residential living facility that  houses 70 students.

About twenty percent of the student body live in Dilcon School's residential facility. The remainder of the student body ride buses daily or walk to school from the surrounding campus and community area.

Dilcon Community School is  accredited by the North Central Association being the first elementary school on the  Navajo Reservation to be accredited. The members of the School Board endorses the Arizona Common Core State Standards of achievement. Most students the finish the 8th grade at Dilcon continue their education at nearby public high schools in Winslow or Holbrook.

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Dilcon Community School, Inc.

Mission Statement:


Dilcon Community School, Inc. is committed to providing quality education and maximizing academic excellence while preserving Dine cultural values.  Dilcon Community School strives to create a safe and inviting learning environment where all students are valued equally.  Our goal is to develop a passion in our students for lifelong learning, compassion, and for them to become effective and responsible citizens through the teachings of cultural values.

Vision Statement:


Dilcon Community School, Inc. teachers and staff will work cooperatively to ensure all students succeed.  We place the highest priority on Math, Reading, Dine Language and culture instruction to support our student’s achievement and to attain the highest levels of performance each year.  We aspire for all students to reach a level of proficiency in reading and math by third grade, and reach a level of Dine language proficiency by 8th grade.  Our vision, as a Dine community, is to inspire a passion for learning.

IT & Technology at Dilcon

  • School has purchased Adobe Creative Cloud for all students 

  • Office products installed on every device for offline use

  • GoGuardian so teachers can monitor what students are looking at

  • EGL gunshot detection system that will lock doors where staff get in and will send a text alert to staff and police.

  • Teaching programs on computers in classrooms to help students

  • Interactive displays in every classroom. Touchscreen TVs for teachers and students to use for classroom activities.

  • 2 up-to-date computer labs; 25-30 all-in-one PCs in both labs.

IT & Technology
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