Mission Statement:


Dilcon Community School, Inc. is committed to providing quality education and maximizing academic excellence while preserving Dine cultural values.  Dilcon Community School strives to create a safe and inviting learning environment where all students are valued equally.  Our goal is to develop a passion in our students for lifelong learning, compassion, and for them to become effective and responsible citizens through the teachings of cultural values.

Vision Statement:


Dilcon Community School, Inc. teachers and staff will work cooperatively to ensure all students succeed.  We place the highest priority on Math, Reading, Dine Language and culture instruction to support our student’s achievement and to attain the highest levels of performance each year.  We aspire for all students to reach a level of proficiency in reading and math by third grade, and reach a level of Dine language proficiency by 8th grade.  Our vision, as a Dine community, is to inspire a passion for learning.