DCS Board Members

Rose VanCruz,
Governing Board President

Rose VanCruz, earned two degrees from Northern Arizona University. Her teaching experiences encompasses sittings of Grant Schools, Public Schools, and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE).
She is the only returning member to the Dilcon School Board from previous elections. She welcomes the new elected leaders to be strong partners and key stakeholders to DCS and believes students are receiving the best education with an embedded strong component of our culture and language. She is very familiar with the customs and rituals of the school, and is fully aware of the needs and strength of the community’s organization. 

​My name is Terrence Yazzie.  I am from the community of Teesto/Seba Dalkai representing the Dilcon Community School, Inc. As a newly elected board member at-large for the Teesto and Indian Wells communities.  I am privileged to have been elected and excited to assist in planning for the students and parents of Dilcon Community School, Inc. for the next four years. I’ve been an educator since November 2005, teaching in three schools in the surrounding community. I feel that my education and my experience in education has helped prepare me for the task of becoming a local school leader. With the help of my fellow board members, I foresee Dilcon Community School, Inc. in becoming a school of excellence.

Terrance Yazzie,
Vice President

Wyatt Begaye has been an outspoken member and advocate for children education for the past four years. He is currently working on a degree for Children Education, in hopes that he can continue his efforts in obtaining the best and highest education for all students here at Dilcon Community School. He has volunteered with numerous programs, such as Big Brothers-Big Sisters and The Boys & Girls Club of America. He was born and raised in Northern Arizona, attending Dilcon Community School as a child. He then continued his education at Winslow High School. After High School, he attend college for Graphic Design in Phoenix, AZ. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, baking, music; both listening and writing, graphic design, cooking, traveling, watching movies, and is a huge Disney Nerd. He prides himself in random trivia and facts when it comes to film and movies. He resides in Dilcon and is employed in Flagstaff, AZ.

Wyatt Begaye,
Board Member
Andrea Long,
Board Member

Member of Dilkon Community.  My clans are: Bitter Water Tooh’dii ch’inii, born for Water Edge People T’aah’ba’haa, Maternal grandfathers are Salt People Clan Ah’shi hii’ and Paternal Grandparent are Black Streak Wood Clan Tsin’ na jinii. I was born and raised in Dilkon practicing traditional, cultural values, education, teaching and language. I have extended education at Northern Arizona University where I earned 2 Undergraduate Degrees in Business Administration in Accounting and Environmental Sciences with an emphasis in Land Policies and Wild life. I pursued my Graduate Studies from University of Phoenix in Range Science. I am anxious to share information and pass on knowledge to our children to allow them to have a broader view of our culture and conquer awareness of our Native sustainability within our Language.  Because of their absolute ambition in learning capacity I feel privilege to be a board member aside with my fellow colleagues whom also uphold solid backgrounds in both education and carry on a respectful traditional values. Thank you.

Mr. William Wachunas, Principal

Born in Albany, NY but grew up in Canajoharie, NY. Joined the Marine Corps in the mid 1970's and served 16 years. Has worked as a HR Director and taught in Yuma, AZ. Has 7 children and 1 grandson.

Darrell Riggs, Business Manager

Recieved his MBA from Northern Arizona University and a Marine Corp Veteran. And, a School Board Member with Seba Dalkai Boarding School.